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Updated July 15th, 2024


The 4th biggest advertising company in the world, with a global presence for your traffic/campaigns! There are several reasons why to choose ExoClick as your ad network: Advanced targeting options to reach specific audiences for your products. A day parting facility linked directly to the country(s) you wish to target and the hours to maximise impact. Various pricing models to match your budget - run a campaign for as little as 20 EUR/USD. Easy to fund your account, with an auto-recharge option if you fund with PayPal, and no limits with our other funding options.

Ad Lotto

The Ad Network that PAYS ATTENTION! FREE MONEY grabs attention like nothing else. Ad Lotto pays users for paying attention. Each ad view is a lotto entry with prizes of up to ONE BITCOIN! Highest CTR of any display network.

Planet7 | 400% Bonus | Generic with a signup form (Best Converting)


Ad XXX uses real time bidding to help advertisers get the previously unattainable effectiveness in their campaigns. Ad XXX boasts the use of autooptimization mechanisms to help to dial in CTR and eCPC for your ad campaigns.


Avoid banner blindness, serving ads that recommend the content most suitable to the users’ interests. Do not irritate and are organically intertwined into the users’ interaction with the website. Suggest a more subtle and indirect selling approach, rather than standing out as hard-sell advertising.

Plugrush Ads

Access billions of impressions all over the world through Plug Rush's fast and easy-to-use advertising platform. Utilize deep targeting options including browser, country, OS, carrier, re-targeting, and more to reach your goals.


Adsterra Network is a leading digital advertising company that offers performance-based solutions for advertisers and media partners worldwide.

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